Thursday, July 01, 2004

Yesterday, I received an email from the faculty that run Wharton's leadership program. It contained two assignments that need to be done before the start of school. The assignments are pretty fluffy, write your personal core values and do a 360 degree assessment (you know I never got the term 360 assessment - doesn't a 360 degree turn return you to the starting point? Shouldn't it be a 180 degree assessment? But I digress...) using colleagues, friends, and family. So both assignments should be relatively easy. But I had mixed emotions about the assignment. I was somewhat excited because doing this work will get me started back in the school world. But I was a little perturbed too. Summer assignments remind me of my summers during high school when we had read boring books like Robinson Crusoe or Old Man and the Sea (bleck). But I think these assignments will be pretty cool - it will be a chance for self reflection.

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