Thursday, August 26, 2004

After a meeting of the Wharton Democrats last night (Radicals UNITE!!), I decided to head over to IKEA to find frames for some prints I bought this weekend. The IKEA in South Philly is brand spanking new - it just opened yesterday. Since it was a weeknight, I figured that the store wouldn't be too crowded.

Well, I figured wrong.

It was an absolute MAD house! Traffic was backed up for at least a mile before reaching the store. As I sat in traffic, I said to myself, "Self, clearly there must be a game or a concert going on because there is no way all of these people are going to the IKEA." Well, guess what? They were all going to the IKEA. The football field-sized parking lot was PACKED. It took me 10 minutes to find a spot. And there were tour buses parked outside. That's right. Friggin' tour buses. At the IKEA. Can someone please explain to me how a tour bus to friggin IKEA works? I mean where do you put your stuff? But I digress...

I talked to some of the IKEA staff about the crazy number of people there - and they said it was PACKED all day. All damn day! It was like they were giving away government cheese or something. The funny thing is there's a bigger IKEA about 20-25 miles away in Conshohocken. So I'm not sure what the mad rush was for. Totally INSANE!!

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