Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The last few days have been an interesting.

Last Thursday, we had our party. Although it was successful, it wasn't as successful as I would have liked. A couple of factors contributed to the "depressed success." 1) WHAMBAA had their party at the same (rather stuffy and hot) location earlier in the week. 2) People were tired and realized that they actually needed to study to be successful at Wharton. The upside of the depressed success was that the party was much less hot and stuffy. I had an excellent time. And I had my first (second and third) Apple Martini. Those drinks are quite tasty - they are kind of like jolly ranchers. That tastiness can cause a girl to drink a little too much though...

We also got our math test scores back Thursday. I passed, but my score was also more depressed than I thought it would be. The score was about 15 points below what I expected. When I told my mother my score, she became VERY alarmed and started throwing around the idea that I might need a tutor, and that maybe I wasn't well equipped for Wharton. Well on Monday I got my test back, and low and behold, the TAs didn't give me credit for a major part the last question - they took 15 points off! So I talked to the professor, and he said I got the questions right. So in my head I know my score should be about 15 points higher, much to the relief of me AND my mother. The professor looked at me like I was lunatic when I went to his office to contest a passing score. His (sarcastic) response when I told him why I was contesting it was, "Well, I can write 100 on there if you want." So I'm a little bit anal... what can you do?

I have given up the pursuit of waiving out of stats and have decided to focus on placing into the quarter long (versus the semester long) accounting class. With a little bit of effort, I think I could waive out of stats, but I value sleep too much. Hopefully this somewhat lazy decision will not bite me in the ass later this year.

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