Monday, August 16, 2004

The Math Test is OVER baby!

I have to say it was very challenging. I think I did most of it right. Although I know I got the second question wrong (2.b, apparently y=10 NOT the answer I got, 3.6634 bla bla bla - darnit!) I'm trying not to talk too much with people about the actual questions because then I just start obsessing, and there's nothing obsessing can do about my answers now. Hopefully we'll get the results back this week. If you fail, you have to retake the test until you pass it. I am NOT trying to take the test over. Once was enough!

Tonight there's a couple of post Math exam parties. In about 10 minutes the MBA office is holding a barbecue on Koo Plaza (the grassy knoll of Huntsman Hall). I'm all about attending stuff that involves free food! And then, tonight there are two parties that I know of. I will be supporting the WHAMBAA (Wharton Hispanic American MBA Association) party. It should be fun times.

Well that's it for now, cuz after the math exam this girl needs a stiff DRINK!

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