Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Today is my last full time day at work and tomorrow preterm starts. I have CRAPLOADS of stuff to finish today, but I am extremely excited to get started.

This past month has been CRAZY. I've had lots of work stuff, and I've started getting involved with some school activities already. All this has meant much less sleep for me but I figure I'm conditioning myself for school life. Kind of like training for the Olympics or something.

I’ve met many of my classmates and I truly enjoy being around all of them. They are all so smart and accomplished. I wonder how I ended up in the group. But even though I continue to doubt the legitimacy of my acceptance letter, I am so glad to be a part of the Wharton Community. I love hearing about their plans post Wharton. I absolutely believe some of them will change the world.

I'm so excited that I know I will be getting very little sleep tonight. Preterm, here I come!

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