Friday, September 17, 2004

A five minute commute is SOO much better than a 90 minute one. I can now wake up at what used to be my "Oh my God, I'm gonna be late" time and still be early to class. I absolutely love the extra 90 mins of sleep.

Next week is the first big week for grades. We have a MGEC (Econ) midterm, Stats "quiz," Marketing Case, and Accounting online homework. Even though it's a bit to manage, I still feel like it's doable. I am so glad I pushed Finance. But we'll see how I feel at the end of the week.

Extracurricular activities are ramping up. I've volunteered to help out with AAMBAA (African-American MBA Assoc), Net Impact, and the Volunteer Admission Committee. I'm running to be my Cohort's Historian (which means, if I win, I write a newsletter, and keep record of the goings on in the cohort - it also means I get to make fun of my cohort mates in writing - wish me luck!) And unless I chicken out, I hope to try out for the Follies next week.

I also plan to see if I can get on the grant evaluation committee for the Summer Public Interest Fund (SPIF). Here's a website blurb on what SPIF is, "The fund, financed entirely by fellow students pledging 1% of their summer salaries, represents an important commitment by the Wharton community to those students who work in the public interest. " The Fund apparently uses people with nonprofit experience to evaluate the applications for support.

So I'm getting pretty busy. What's interesting is that there are about 20 other things I want to get involved with. But you can't do it all. I've decided to commit myself to the things I'm most passionate about, and the things that are completely new to me. Even though it sounds like a lot, I believe it's manageable. Now all I need to do is find time to find a job... oh s&^%...

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