Tuesday, September 21, 2004

For our dining pleasure, Huntsman Hall is equipped with two Au Bon Pain franchises. These two establishments have to be the most inefficient restaurants on the planet. Never in my life have I witnessed the art of sandwich making take so damn long.

And WHY, if you know when classes switch, WHY would you run out of coffee at the switching time? Wouldn't you start making coffee about ten minutes before the switch in anticipation of the rush? Am I wrong here? And wouldn't you maybe start making your most popular sandwiches around 11:30 to anticipate the lunch rush? Wouldn't you recognize that slow, crappy-ass service causes you to lose sales?

Maybe it's just me.

Oh and since I'm ranting, I'll add a few more to my list. Turn off your damn cell phone before class/ or presentations. And if you need to leave a presentation early sit on the end of the row - don't sit in the middle so you have to step on people's feet with your 3 in heels as you noisily leave the IB presentation (and uh, no I'm not talking about any one in particular :)...) And, genius, if your Palm reminder keeps going off during a presentation (like 10 times in a 2 hour block) how 'bout you do something novel, like DISMISS THE REMINDER SO IT STOPS GOING OFF?? How about that one?

But maybe it's just me....

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