Monday, September 13, 2004

Long time no update. Over Labor Day weekend, I moved closer to school (I'm living in the Spruce Hill section of University City/West Philly). I had set up my utilities a couple of months ago so that everything was working when I got to my new apartment. Well the phone guy came early and couldn't get in - so no phone for me. No phone means no internet (I had to wait to move to set up my DSL so I didn't have a switching cost) thus I've been incommunicado. But tomorrow I get a phone line, so the updates will occur more regularly.

The first week of classes went pretty well. I had some mishaps with ordering books and coursepacks (readings or notes the professors put together) online - in the future I will definitely be schlepping to wherever to get my school materials. The slight inconvenience is much less than the MAJOR inconvenience of not getting your books when you need them.

And it seems God was smiling on me during my accounting placement exam. By the grace of God, I placed into the quarter long financial accounting class. I'm not sure how that one happened, but I'm grateful that it did.

The volume of couse work still seems manageable. I don't feel like I'm behind or anything. I realize that when some of the group projects kick in, I may feel differently.

I am a little upset that I missed the first big party of the year, Disorientation, or as it is affectionately known, The FOAM Party. I've heard many amusing stories about my classmates behavior in the Foam, but I can't repeat it. What happens in the Foam, stays in the Foam.

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