Friday, September 24, 2004

The MGEC has left the building.

Thank goodness the first exam is over with. It was definitely challenging. Every time I thought I had a question down, I would get to the end of the question and have a WTF?? moment. I did buy shoes last weekend, so maybe the good shoe karma will still be in effect.

By a unanimous decision (well there were no other choices...), I am Cohort L's Historian! I think I'll have fun decorating our home room and writing the newsletter and such. License to make fun of people is always a good thing.

Black Tuesday approacheth... For some reason every core professor has an affinity for October 5. Because they all have something due on that day. That fact, coupled with the ramping up of the recruiting season has taken my stress level up a couple of notches. I had a small panic attack on Wednesday when I realized I didn't know about 95 of the recruiting events going on next week. And it seemed everyone else was on the ball. AND I still have to draft my resume for review. And do my homework and reading. And the marketing case. And the accounting case. And try out for Follies (thanks for the joke Naveen; if I'm feeling racy I'll use that one!).

All this while trying not to fail out of Wharton. It will be an interesting week!

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