Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ever have one of those days where you feel fabulous - like the world is your oyster and nothing could go wrong?

Well today was not one of those days - at least it wasn't for me.

I had an accounting exam last night. I think I did alright. There was an entire section of the test that I struggled with, and it was the section with the highest point value. I'm a little concerned about that class, actually. Hopefully I'll be able to pull out a decentgrade in the end.

After my exam, I had an Employer Info Session (EIS) to attend, and I have to say my performance left a lot to be desired. I didn't really talk to that many people. I was drained, and frankly I didn't feel like fighting for face time. So I didn't. So the result was that I didn't make any impression on an employer that I am very interested in.

And then today, while I was sitting in another EIS, looking across the room at all the company reps, I kept thinking that I was so unlike them. The representatives looked like they were all card carrying members of the old boys club. There was not a woman among them. I just had this feeling of being out of place.

Then I capped off my night with a read of an excerpt of the book, He's Just Not That in to You. Now that was depressing. Basically it says that if a guy isn't chasing you, he's just not that into you. So it's pointless trying to get a guy to notice you - he either notices and pursues, or he doesn't. At least that's what the book says. I tend to like shy guys, so I thought this theory wouldn't apply to them. But according to the authors of the book, even the shy guys pursue if they are REALLY interested. I don't know if this theory is complete hooey or not, but I found it slightly depressing.

So including my Follies ding, all that is making me feel a little down. Luckily the Rainbow Pub/Party is tomorrow, which should be a FANTABULOUS time. Rainbow Party is a party sponsored by Out-4-Biz, and it's supposed to be one of THE parties of the year. After this week I need a bit of party. I plan on having several Apple Martinis and Midori Sours. Mmmm - Yummy! Good Times!!

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