Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Finals start in one friggin' week. I can't believe how quickly the first quarter flew by.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I sort of rested on my laurels in accounting, and my current grade reflects my effort. The only good thing is that 42% of my grade will be decided in the next week so I can still pull it out.

I've gotten some feedback that I shouldn't worry about my grades, and that my main focus should be job huntin', having fun, *insert your poison here*. But one of my goals when I came to Wharton is to have a good balance. There are basically four areas crying for your attention in business school: academics, professional, extracurricular, social/family. My goal is to have a good balance in the four areas. I know grades aren't the end all be all - but the truth is my accounting grade indicates I didn't master the material. And mastering the material is important to me.

Oh and I hate EISs. They absolutely suck. It's like a meat market. The good thing is that if you eat enough crab cakes from the Inn at Penn, you don't ever have to cook. The bad thing is that it's important to make meaningful connections at the EISs - I just don't know how you do it.

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