Saturday, October 30, 2004

Well the first quarter is done and the second quarter has just begun. You never really get a chance to breathe here.

Finals for the most part were absolute bears. I think I did reasonably well in my econ class, but everything else was a challenge. Final grades don't come out until next week, so we'll see. My first quarter experience has led me to reevaluate the way I manage my time. Last quarter, after the Employer Info Sessions (EISs), I would usually go home - with the intention on working, but I usually ended up being somewhat unproductive. The new rule is that I will stay at Huntsman until at least midnight. I also plan on being more efficient with my time in between classes. We'll see how the new plan works out.

Yesterday, I participated in the Prospective Student Day, a recruiting event for women and people of color. (Shout out to all those who came out!) It was weird - it was like a reverse EIS. After the panels I was on ended, prospective students would come up to the front of the room and line up to speak with me. I wasn't expecting that. People actually wanted my advice - very weird! (And oh, for those at the Interview Panel, here is the accepted.com link) There are a lot of great and interesting people applying to the class of 2007. I wish you all luck!

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