Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The second quarter is moving full steam ahead. We were expect to hit the ground running, with reading assignments expected by the first class. This quarter's professors also seem more willing to cold call students, which is a small source of anxiety.

This quarter, I'm taking managerial (cost) accounting, operations management (OPIM), managing people at work, competitive strategy, and ethics. My OPIM and accounting classes are surprisingly aligned. Every class, the profs mention some theory or concept that we covered in the other class. Accounting in general draws upon the concepts we learned in other classes, which is pretty cool.

I'm struggling with OPIM. Our operations management is basically fancy optimization problems in excel - so how can you maximize (minimize) profit, output, whatever given your resources and constraints. I am an excel queen so I love that part. The optimization/algebra part is a bit tricky. I'm going to need lots of practice to get this class.

Recruiting is somewhat less hectic that it was first quarter. Close lists are being formed, and people are narrowing down the field. I also think most of the people who were attending events because they didn't want to miss anything (you know, the "I'm not interested in I-banking but I might as well go to the Info Session" people) are started to become focused. Which is good for everybody. I think I've narrowed down my list to a few banks. Now I plan to do hard core research and talking to second years. I'm a little bit behind, I know. Many of my class mates were researching and talking over the summer. But I guess I have to do things my way if I'm to maintain my sanity.

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