Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today was the first time I voted in Philadelphia. Philadelphia's voting processes has to be one of the most inefficient and asinine on the planet. I headed to the polls around 8 AM, thinking to myself that they (whoever "they" are) always suggest that you go early to vote. Well the line was out the door.

No big whoop, right? Wrong.

It's turns out the 100-150 people in line were in for a 1-2 hour wait. Why? Because they system to sign in to vote is ass backwards. First when you approach the sign in table, they ask for your name. They look in an index card box for a card with your name and address. Once the card is found and you verify that the name on the card is you, the card looker-upper passes the card to the next person, who writes your name down on another card. They then pass this new card to another person who writes down your name in a log (after taking a minute or two to inspect the index card... for what I don't know). Then you sign your name in the voter log. They write down your friggin name TWICE. Why??? That's absolutely stupid and the process completely slows down voting. Ass backwards, I tell you. Ass backwards.

It will be an interesting night as the networks try their best not to have embarrasing calls cum the fiasco that was the 2000 election. In Philly, it seems voter turnout may set some records. It's amazing how a little thing like the electoral college deciding the president instead of the popular vote can make people finally realize that every vote matters. In Florida, it came down to 537 votes the last time.

Last time I checked, MSNBC had the Bushinator winning the popular vote, but Kerry was ahead in the electoral college allocation. I can't wait to find out what the verdict is tomorrow morning.

Oh and for your entertainment, once again the gentleman at jibjab.com deliver the funnies with "It's Good to be in DC."

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