Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ugh I was so unproductive during the break.

And I had plans. Big big plans. I was going to do all my class work, write all my cover letters, AND do some consulting work so I can pay my rent next month. I was going to do all this PLUS shopping PLUS relaxing PLUS visiting friends.

Well, I managed to do the shopping and relaxing and visiting part but nothing else. So unproductive...

But you know what, I don't feel that bad about it actually.

All during November, I felt this disconnect - like my life was falling apart. And maybe it is. Maybe I am going to horribly in my classes. Maybe I won't get a job. But you know what? I feel OK about it. Maybe I've gotten used to my life being in a constant state of disarray. Or maybe I've accepted that I've dropped several balls this month and that's OK. Or maybe its the tryptophan talking.

Maybe business school is really supposed to teach you how to thrive among the chaos.

I've got the chaos part down pat - now if I could only get a hang of that thriving part...

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