Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm SOOO DONE! I finished my last final and I am officially done with my first semester at Wharton. This has been the fastest and slowest 4 months of my life. At times I felt like time was dragging by but at other times, time raced at break-neck speeds. I am happy to have a break though.

Congrats to all those who heard good news from Wharton yesterday. The day I got into Wharton will remain one of my strongest memories. That was a good day! For those who didn't receive good news - hang in there. Remember it's not you that was evaluated; it was an application package. But it sucks getting bad news. It just plain sucks.

Lots of things surprised me about Wharton. I didn't realize I wouldn't automatically excel. I had no idea that recruiting would take up so much time (and money). I didn't think I would have an end of semester money crunch. I had no clue how awesome most of my classmates would be. And I didn't know how much I'd love this crazy place.

But now I need a break. I plan to do a whole lotta sleepin' and a whole lotta watchin' cable. I can't wait to get my Trading Spaces and Real World fixes. Merry Christmas!!

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