Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One down, four to go. My accounting exam was today, and something tells me that the test was deceivingly simple. If I screwed up that test, I have no one to blame but myself since I really didn't hunker down until the wee hours of this morning.

I have an ethics paper due (that's worth 50% of my grade) in less than 24 hours that I haven't started. It's only 1500 words, so I think I should be able to pull together some form of regurgitation that will allow me to pass the class.

And on Friday I have a final in Competitive Strategy, which is a case final. My challenge with written finals is making sure I manage my time well during the test.

Next week I have OPIM and Managing People at Work exams, but that's next - no need to worry about now ;) All I know is I am SO glad I pushed finance and I am SO glad I kept up with the reading this quarter. I think it makes my study period much less stressful. I've actually seen Oprah a couple times. And that's what really matters - being home in time to see Oprah.

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