Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Classes are in full swing again, although I have to say I am not. I found myself feeling slightly annoyed with my professors when they said we had readings to do and cases to prepare. Don't they know this week is about hearing what people did during Winter Break?

So far I'm liking my schedule. For the most part the classes were interesting (although Finance was a little slow today). What I really like is the fact that I have one class on Mondays and my Wednesdays are completely free. Tuesdays and Thursdays are booked solid, with no break, but I think its worth it to have Wednesdays off. We'll see how I feel next week.

I'm also getting back into the interview prep habit. Huntsman Hall is all a buzz with nervous questions about close lists and events. People keep asking, "who have you heard from" trying to fish out whether they have been left off of someone's interview roster. I'm not nervous yet about the interviews, although I keep hearing horror stories about what I'm supposed to know and what I'm supposed to be able to pitch. All I can do is study the technical questions, prepare, and hope for the best. I am SO happy this all will be done in less than a month. Well hopefully, I'll be done!

On an unrelated note, although I'm not one to follow sports, I've been paying attention to the Eagles run this season. I was so happy for the Philly fans because they finally got their awesome season. They all seemed so happy to actually win most of the time. And then, TO got injured. Talk about fair weather fans. All I can say is Eagles fans need a swift kick in the pants. They keep poo-pooing the teams ability to deliver. What the HELL is that about?? Where's the fan support?? Where's the faith? Since was football a one man game?? Didn't they see Friday Night Lights??? Well, y'all get no more sympathy from me. So what if y'all never win - you don't deserve it cuz you suck as fans...

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