Thursday, January 27, 2005

DIP week starts tomorrow and the tension in Huntsman is palpable. People are STRESSED. It's like the fate of the world hinges on getting a job this summer. Now don't get me wrong, I'm nervous. But I think I'm the good kind of nervous that gives you adrenaline highs and motivates. Being too stressed decreases one's ability to form recognizable sentences. I think that may be an important skill in interviews. Maybe, JUST maybe.

Only 50% of students get jobs through the DIP week process. And according to a second year, last year some of the Banks and other companies came back after DIP. Before the year is done, 99% of people get a job for the summer. Yes, there's a lot of pressure - I mean if I don't get a job next week I would be stressed and bummed that my recruiting season would be extended. But if I don't get a job during DIP, does that mean all the choices I have evaporate? No, something tells me, that I (and my fellow Whartonites) will be alright.

Because people are cramming for DIP, class attendance has fallen off precipitously. All of the professors have these sheepish looks on there faces like they're grateful that SOMEONE showed up to class. And that brings me to something that has me slightly perturbed. I feeling a little annoyed that we have so much operations management in the core.

Now I normally don't complain about the curriculum because even though I don't see how all the classes we take apply to me now, one thing I've learned is that you never know what skills you will use in your career. For instance in undergrad, I thought statistics was a waste of time. When I started working, I quickly realized I should have paid more attention in statistics. That was part of the reason I came to Wharton. But do we really NEED a semester and a half of operations management? Not that I don't see the value in OPIM - I do. But our operations classes all seem to have an engineering/quant feel to them. And while I know this is Wharton and I know we are all about the numbers, I just think 3 quarters of this stuff is excessive. Particularly since we have only a quarter in things like law and managing people at work. I mean, our OB (managing people at work) class was so rushed we didn't even cover things like managing diversity. I don't fault the school for being so quantitative, but I do think we could do a better job with BALANCE. But that's just my opinion. What do I know?

So I suppose, I've complained enough. Afterall, I have big, big plans to get to. I still have to go to pub AND leave in time for The Apprentice. Yes, BIG plans. I mean, a girl's got to have her priorities!

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