Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The dust has settled and the interviews are out. So far I have 6 and a half interviews (I'm an alternate for one). So I think I'm in a good position entering DIP (Dedicated Interview Period) week. Although I was bummed about one firm that dinged me - I realize everything happens for a reason. And I'm excited about the other firms I'm interviewing with. Now I just have to practice and do some research.

I'm in Houston on the Houston Trek. We're visiting a few banks, investment management and consulting firms. Since I'm originally from Houston and my birthday is tomorrow, I couldn't pass up this trip. The trek is a joint venture with Rice University. This will be my second activity with other b-school students away from Campus. It will be interesting to see how the Rice students behave. Wharton students can sharpen their elbows during recruiting events, and I can't wait to see the Rice students in action. Nothing brings out an individuals true nature like dangling an investment banking offer in front of them.

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