Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Houston trek was fantastic. We met with several banks and a couple of consulting firms. It was interesting to see the stark differences in culture as we went from bank to bank. And some of the Houston offices had cultures that were VERY DIFFERENT (I mean Stepford wives vs normal different here…) than the Houston offices. I guess that’s why visiting is so important. There were 2-3 banks I plan to pursue aggressively the possibility for a Houston assignment.

The weather in Houston was phenomenal and I must say I’ll take 75 degrees over 10 degrees any day. But it seems that the crappy weather in Philly may keep me from returning on schedule. As I write I am in the air headed back to Houston. While we were mid-air, the Philadelphia airport shut down because a plane slid off the runway (how scary would that be??) so we’re headed back. While I’m glad I’m missing the first blizzard of 2005, I do wish I was in Philly so I could get back in interview prep mode. All I have to say to people stuck in Philly – be careful of the ice! It can totally kick your ass…

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