Saturday, January 15, 2005

What DOES happen to a dream deferred?

This weekend has not lead to major boosts of my self esteem. One of the banks at the top of my list decided I was not worthy of an interview. The rejection has lead my anxiety to rise to levels unseen since my business school application.

I found out through the grapevine that the interview list had gone out and I was stunned. I really thought I'd make that one. It would be nice if the banks would at least send you a ding email. As much time and effort that the IB recruiting process takes, it would be the least they could do. There's no reason for someone to find out through the grapevine that they didn't make the cut. Imagine if you didn't get dings for business school. You just heard that other people made and since you didn't hear anything you had to assume you didn't make it. It would suck wouldn't it? The European offices send out dings before they send out acceptances. That's a practice that I think the US office should think of enacting such a practice.

Given the similarity of this process to the business school process, I've begun to reflect on the lessons I learned from my dings last year. Last year I learned that yes rejection hurts but it's not you that gets the ding it's the application. I guess the same thing here: the person I presented was rejected. And another thing I learned is that sometimes choices are removed as options so that we don't make the wrong choice. I guess the same thing applies here.

It just sucks - especially when I think of the effort I put forth. Rejection sucks.

But it's not all over yet. There are still some banks who haven't made their decisions. I will continue to pray that the right opportunities will be available to me. That's all I can do really. That and go shopping for shoes tomorrow :)

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