Monday, March 21, 2005

I lost my cell phone (my only phone) somewhere in New York City.

I think it may have fallen out of my pocket in a cab. All I know is some absolute total LOSER used my phone to call twice to some place in Brooklyn. No attempt to find the owner - just "woo-hoo free phone call!!" I have half a mind to call the number the person called and cuss them out. But I know that the receiver of the call (a 13 minute call I might add) didn't use my phone - the loser phone finder did. It is SO tacky to use a found phone like that. Loser.

So I had an interview today. Not sure how it went. That's my last live lead, so I have to stir up so more leads so I can have a job this summer. I hate looking for a job. It takes SO MUCH time. I will be so happy when I have a job.

The last quarter of the year is off to a roaring start. This quarter we have a major marketing project with out learning teams. It's a simulated market (SABRE) where we compete against five other teams and we have to make marketing strategy decisions to optimize profits. We will be evaluated on how profitable we are in comparison to other similarly situated teams throughout the first year class and the executive MBAs in Marketing Strategy this quarter. Even though it's a lot of work, (we spent about 7-8 hours on the project this weekend) the project is pretty interesting and it's the most fun project we've worked on this year. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how we do in the first round of the simulation.

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