Wednesday, March 09, 2005

When the local news in Houston reports about the HBS / Apply Yourself hoopla, you know the story has reached a whole new level.

So HBS decided the peekers get an automatic ding. Word on the street is that MIT, CMU, and others are taking a similar approach. The ad com reaction I admire most, however, is Stanford's. Stanford basically knows who peeked. They have asked those people to identify themselves and explain their actions. There's a couple of reasons why I like this approach. 1) it gives the applicants the benefit of the doubt - you know, innocent until proven guilty and 2) it recognizes that applicants are human and that one mistake should not keep a person out of business school. It's what you learn from the mistakes you make that matters. Stanford is giving these applicants the opportunity to shine and rise above adversity. That's pretty damn cool.

My heart goes at to those who were automatically dinged. That really sucks - especially since I keep hearing stories that wives/husbands followed the link. It seems unfair to punish these applicants without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Hell, even Saddam Hussein got a chance to defend himself.

I guess curiosity does kill the cat...

(Just saw this link one the BW and had to laugh - Free the HBS 119!!)

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