Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's been a crazy two weeks.

Classes ended. I was sad to realize I wouldn't spend anymore time with my cohort. I really enjoyed having classes with Cohort L (Give 'em L!!). It was a good batch of people. I felt like I was losing apart of my family. I will definitely miss their smart ass comments in class.

I spent last week looking for a job and working on my many extracurricular activities. I studied a little but not too much - I spent more time around the second years who will leave soon, trying to soak up their company while I still could.

Finally on Monday morning I decided to get cracking on the books. I left my apartment a little before 8 AM to get prime real estate in the study lounge. On my way out of my building I took a tumble down the stairs and popped a ligament on my foot. Apparently this ligament holds all the other bones together so my entire foot shifted out of place and I managed to break several bones. I had surgery to put my bones back into place on Monday and missed most of my finals.

Besides the suckiness of breaking my bones, I'll miss out on my Global Immersion Program (GIP) Trip to South America. I was really looking forward to this trip. We were going to Argentina and Brazil. I'm pretty bummed about that. AND I was still looking for a job. Ironically I've gotten 3 calls this week about jobs. Now I have to deal with a leg that needs to be elevated and hurts like hell. And on top of all that - I broke the same leg 2 years ago and it took forever to heal. Last week was the first week when the swelling wasn't a problem.

Oh well. So my summer is beginning much differently than I thought it would. I guess that just goes to show you the importance of carpe diem. (That and the mighty power of morphine....)

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