Saturday, June 11, 2005

After I lost my phone in March, I got the cheapest phone available, a Motorola V180, to replace a phone I LOVED, a Samsung E105, because T-Mobile didn’t carry the phone anymore. I will NEVER AGAIN get the cheapy cheapy phone. The Motorola V180 sucks big time. Reception sucks, the phone scratches easily, and it feels like cheap plastic like you’d find on a toy. Well I didn’t realize the magnitude of the phone’s suckiness until I broke my leg. Before my mom arrived to take care of me, my wonderfully terrific, awesome friends were taking care of me. Well one morning they stopped by my apartment to bring breakfast, and guess what? They couldn’t reach my cell phone. Now I assumed they forgot about me. They assumed I fell in my apartment and was lying unconscious. Finally, after a half hour of calling me, they screamed up, I let them in, and all was well. Well except for the cell phone. It just didn’t ring. And the ringer was on. So I tried to make a call and nothing. So I rebooted the phone and it started working. (Who knew phones needed to be rebooted nowadays?) It was then that I knew I HAD to get a new phone.

So after a bit of research, I decided I wanted a Samsung X475. It was cute. It was in my price range, and I loved my last Samsung. Well, T-Mobile didn’t have the phone in the upgrade program, so I’d have to pay full price for the phone at a store if I really wanted it. Since my phone was still sort-of working, I decided to wait.

Well while I was waiting, I learned that T-Mobile was getting a cool new phone, a Motorola V330. It has a camera, which I’ve never had on a phone before. It records video, has voice dial, it has Bluetooth, and EDGE. Now of course because it has all these bells and whistle, it was WAY outside of my price range. And I hadn't really been pleased with my Motorola phones. (Every phone I've owned and that has ever been crappy has been a Motorola.) But I was really intrigued by the prospect of having a Bluetooth phone. So I bit the bullet and got the phone.

I just got a Bluetooth headset to pair with the phone and it is so COOL. I absolutely love it. I can position the phone to get the best reception and then use the headset to talk. It’s so cool.
Now I’m all about Bluetooth, which I never really got before. I just got a Bluetooth adapter for my laptop and printer. And I’m thinking of upgrading my Palm to Bluetooth. I don’t use my Palm much because I always forget to sync it with my laptop. And whenever I do remember, I can’t find the cord. So I don’t sync my PDA. The problem is while I tend to remember the events and meetings I need to attend, I NEVER remember the room the meeting is in. So usually about 1 minute before the event, I’m running around Huntsman looking for an open computer so I can find out where the heck I’m supposed to be. If I could remember to sync my Palm, the Palm would be perfect in those situations.

If I had a Palm with Bluetooth, I wouldn’t have to use a cord, and because it’s more expensive and way cooler, I’d probably remember it better. At least that will be the theory I’ll rely on to justify another expensive tech purchase.

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