Monday, June 27, 2005

Sometimes I wish I lived in a reality tv series. Not so I could be caught on camera and embarrass my family. No, I wish I could be on a reality series, so I could vote people off the island and out of my life when the start to act like absolute LOONS. Like that Johnny guy on Strip Search. Never in all my reality tv watching have I seen this level of crazy. That guy is absolutely insane.

Speaking of crazy, I'm getting sick of Tom Cruise. Now I'm generally up for watching people make absolute fools of themselves. But he just needs to shut up. If I see him jump on a couch one more time, I think I'll scream. He's so annoying - and now he thinks he's qualified to talk about the validity of using medication. That's probably when he crossed the line into annoyingness for me. When he started villifying sick people for getting the help they need. Shut up, Tom Cruise. Just shut the h--- up.

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