Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So my jobs are coming along. Both require LOTS of reading. Since I've never worked in either industry, I need to get caught up on industry lingo, happenings, and hot topics. So that means a lot of reading.

I'm actually enjoying getting up to speed in different industries. I like learning about the nuances of each field. The mechanics of the analyses that I'm doing in both jobs are similar. Knowing the elements of a competitive analysis or how to calculate a NPV is the same no matter what the industry. It's the assumptions and data - the meat of the analysis - that change. Given how much I'm enjoying working in different industries, I'm actually considering consulting as a full time option. But who knows - we'll see...

And in broken foot news - I had the four external pins removed yesterday (or should I say yanked out of my foot - OW is an understatement...). Soon I'll be able to lightly bear weight on my foot. And anyone who's ever spent any extended amount of time on crutches knows that development is huge. So I'm pretty happy about that. I might need another surgery on one of the bones that isn't healing well. I'm a little concerned about missing the beginning of classes in September if I need surgery. I pray I don't need another surgery. That would suck. But I'm trying to think positive and send mending thoughts to my foot.

Maybe I should go an buy a pair of shoes? Isn't it cruelly ironic that my good luck charm is cute shoes? **sigh**

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