Friday, July 15, 2005

T minus 12 hours and 24 minutes until Harry Potter.

Yes, I'm a total dork for knowing how many hours are left until Harry Potter is officially released. You can call me whatever name you like; I'm looking forward to starting the book tomorrow. When the last book was released in 2003, many of the stories in the media contained spoilers. In fact, I distinctly remember yelling out "NOOO!" in horror after reading a spoiler at work on MSNBC the week before the last book was released. I hate knowing what's in a book before I read it. It ruins the surprises. So I've been diligent about not reading or listening to anything about the book. So all I know is the name of the book, that someone dies, and that it's available in a little bit over 12 hours. I know I'm a dork.

Work is getting really interesting. Beside the subject matter, I'm fascinated by the politics of large organizations. And I'm not just talking the petty, "my intern gets more resources than your intern" crap, although that's fascinating as well. I mean, do adults ever mature beyond the stupidness of high school? I'm starting to realize we don't mature - we just make more money. But what the really fascinating stuff is the strategic decisions that go on. It's interesting to be in on conversations about competitors and how strategic decisions will affect the company and its competitive environment. I feel like I'm in a big game theory matrix. And what I've learn is that people are never rational. Fascinating stuff. I'm really enjoying it. Guess that gives me another geek point. Oh well...

T minus 12 hours and 13 minutes til Harry Potter....

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