Friday, October 07, 2005

IBM and UPS suck. My computer is still broken. I've been chasing down a part for my computer all week. Both of these companies have handled my case in the most disjointed and disorganized way. It took them 3 days before either company knew where the package was, since the tracking number wasn't in the system. I'm sorry but isn't that the whole #$%^ point of having a tracking number?? I have half a mind to send them both a bill for my time for having to chase the damn thing down. UPS is probably great at delivering to businesses, but they are absolutely inconvenient when it comes to delivering to consumers. But I digress...

Second year classes can turn you into a spoiled student. The majority of my classes either have speakers on a regular bases or are case-based with high levels of interactivness. About 85-90% of the class sessions have something that captures attention. So when the profs take the occasional class to lecture, I feel fidgety and slightly annoyed. So I've realized I'm getting a little bit spoiled.

Recruiting is running full steam ahead. So far, I've focused my efforts on six companies, although as the season progresses and more companies come on campus, I'm sure that number will grow. This year, I feel like I'm much better at networking and getting to know the firms in which I'm interested compared to last year. I hope this bodes well for getting on "closed" lists. I think the fact that the recruiting season is so abbreviated the second year has helped motivate me. First year recruiting is so drawn out, it can be exhausting. I think my interest in the career paths I'm pursuing is more genuine this year, so my informationals go better. The stress comes in when I realize I need to get ramped up on case interviews QUICKLY. There is a methodology to performing in a case interview. Although knowing frameworks (like the 4 Ps) is important during the first year, firms expect second years will have a more developed approach to the cases. We can't just rely on or blatantly use the frameworks. I'm at a disadvantage compared to my classmates since I didn't interview with consulting firms last year, and am not an expert at cases. I try not to think about that too much because it just stresses me out. The first interview is October 27. Not a lot of time to get it together. My plan is to do at least a case a day until the first interview. While I feel good about my chances of being selected to interview, I don't know if I can get my cases in order well enough to get a job in consulting. It's kind of like Follies; I'll probably get a callback, but will I make the cast? Hopefully my luck will change with recruiting.

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