Monday, October 03, 2005

Luck has not been a friend of mine for the last few weeks. About two weeks ago, after a couple of Employer Info Sessions (EISes), I went to a Texas Club meeting at a BBQ place in Philly (which had pretty decent BBQ considering it was cooked by Yankees), followed by Karaoke night with the Follies Cast and the Whartones. It was a pretty fun night. Until I got home. When I arrived on my floor in my apartment building, I was greeted by a crushed door frame and a note from the Police not to enter my apartment because I'd been robbed. Fabulous. The robbers didn't really get much (because I don't own anything of real value) except for about $450 in cash, and some heirlooms of sentimental value from my Grandmother. In fact, the Robbers initially tried to steal my jewelry box, but upon investigation they must of realized my stuff was worthless because they discarded it in the building hallway. How sad is it when even the Robbers don't want your stuff?? But I digress.

Well having my place robbed kind of through me off and when you add in the whole category-5-storm-hurdling-towards-my parents'- house thing (they're fine) , it was a stressful week. But by the beginning of last week, I was feeling more on top of things. Well then on Friday, my computer stopped working. Wouldn't turn on or anything. Just blinking indicator lights. Wonder-f'in-ful. And because of the lack of computer, I missed a resume submission deadline for a company I'm very interested in.

And to top it all off, I was once again dinged from Follies. While this rejection didn't sting as much as it did last year (I guess Wharton has helped me build up a tolerance to the sting of personal failure), I am still very disappointed. Follies is probably THE ONE THING I wanted to do while at Wharton. And now the dream is just gone forever. When I broke my foot last spring, I pretty much lost hope. And then when I got to the callback auditions and realized there were 9 altos going out for 2 or 3 spots, I pretty much knew it was over for me. My forte is singing. But dancing is a challenge given my still hobbled state. I tried my best this weekend. I danced with my walking boot the best that I could. I tried to pirorette and pas-de-bure. But my best wasn't good enough. Some of my friends have suggested getting involved behind the scenes, and I might do that, although I'm not sure. What I hoped to get out of Follies, was to overcome my fears and a bit of my reservedness and shyness. It really sucks to know that dream is over. I'm really disappointed.

So needless to say, the last two weeks have been full of distractions, which does not bode well for my academic performance. When I woke up with painful bump on my head this morning, I seriously considered skipping class today to wait out the bad luck cloud that seems to have settled over my head. Someone told me today, that all the bad luck in last few weeks means I'm coming in to a really lucky period. I hope she's right. Because with the recruiting season ramping up, it would be nice to have some good luck on my interviews.

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