Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dean Harker held a lunch forum today for MBA students. During the forum, he said he met with a major investment bank last week and the issue of non-grade disclosure came up. Dean Harker asked the bankers if they saw a résumé from a military person or nonprofit person would they pick their résumé or be interested in them. The banker said no because there was no indication that they knew anything about banking. And THAT is my issue. (and no I’m not talking about grade non-disclosure. In my opinion grade disclosure isn’t the magic bullet. I think if you want to change class room behavior tie consequences and rewards DIRECTLY to classroom behavior. But I digress…)

People – at least some people who have only worked in the for-profit sector, assume when you work for a nonprofit, you don’t know anything. That is SO frustrating. I wish career management would do two things. 1) Do a better job dispelling the myth that nonprofit people are all idiots. And 2) work closer with nontraditional students, similar to they way they work with students with more than 8 years of work experience to help them transition better.

I’m just disappointed that stereotypes are so prolific I just didn’t expect that when I started at Wharton. But it is what it is. And now I understand. I just wish I got it sooner. But c’est la vie.

On a much less depressing note, the fourth Harry Potter comes out in just over a day. One day, one hour, and 58 minutes actually. Yes I have a counter on my computer. And yes I am a dork, I’ve conned a couple of my classmates into going to see the movie tomorrow night at midnight. The fourth book was one of my favorite in the Harry Potter series so I’m looking forward to this one. It’s the simple pleasures that are sometimes the best…

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