Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For some reason, my encounters with incompetence have increased during the last year. Either my patience is wearing down or customer focus is decreasing.

Yesterday and today, I flew cross country and back for a second round (wish me luck y'all. This is the job I want...). I still have a cam-walker on my foot, so I've now experienced several airline carriers as a "disabled" passenger. Let me say this Continental is FAR SUPERIOR to the other airlines when making accommodations. The process is painless and seamless from the customer prospective. United absolutely SUCKS when making accommodations. Basically they don't make them. Which is total BS. They didn't even offer assistance for me to get around the airport. And on top of that, they lost my luggage. The night before my interview. I basically had to wait until 2 AM to get my luggage when I had a 9 AM interview. THANK YOU UNITED. Y'all suck. I'm not flying them again. Too much went wrong, the agents were not helpful at all. And they didn't offer me a motorized cart when I was limping. Y'all suck.

I have two second-round interviews (finally). Funny thing is they're both in industries in which I've worked. So much for the ease of career switching...

I'm hoping for good news on the interview I had today in the next few days. If I can make it to the shoe store for some good luck shoe shopping I will. Pray, cross your fingers, and wish me luck!!

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