Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Long time, no blog.

Let me just say, October SUCKS during the second year. For some reason every aspect of the MBA experience decided that the last week of October was the best week for everything: finals, midterms, the beginning of interviews, key admissions events. Why the time crunches can't be better managed and coordinated among the Program Office and Career Management is beyond me.

The Dedicated Interview Period (DIP) week during the first year is probably one of the most stressful times during the MBA experience. But I have to say, despite the stress, I miss DIP. This year's recruiting is much more spread out. And recruiters have no qualms about demanding that we miss days (yes I do mean plural) of classes to participate in 2nd/final rounds of interviews. It's a little out of control. And the professors aren't big fans of the constant barrage of "I'm going to miss your class - I have an interview." We have Fridays off, presumably to do career related stuff, but for some reason, nobody's told the recruiters.

Recruiting success has evaded me so far. But I'm trying to be in a good place about it. The feedback I've gotten is that I don't have enough big corporate experience. The only big corporation I've worked for was a hotel company. The bulk of my experience was with small businesses. Sad thing is there's nothing I can do about my experience. It's unfortunate that something like that is hindering me. I'm annoyed that there's a "type" of acceptable experience. I'm getting dinged not because of knowledge, skills, or abilities, but rather because of the size of the company I worked for. So I'm annoyed by that.

I have a couple of outstanding interviews, and if those don't work out, I won't pick up the job search again until the Spring. Trying to get a job is A LOT of work, and frankly my academics, like many of my classmates', are suffering. I want to get back to learning and spending time with friends. I'm determined to be able to look back on this year fondly.

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