Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm spending a lot of time on Bay area roads, and I'm realizing I may need to "de-Philly-fy" myself before I make the move to the left coast. In Philly, you need to be a pretty aggressive driver, otherwise, you won't even make it around the block. People in the Bay area are so polite on the roads! At stop signs people patiently wait for each other. And when someone does something stupid, like back their pick up truck into oncoming traffic - they just stop and wait. No angry honking, no hand gestures, no telling people where to go and where to put their dog and their mother. It's so weird. And people stop for pedestrians. What is that? In Philly, every pedestrian knows they better learn how to dash across the road like the proverbial chicken, or they may just get flattened. People here just cross the street without a care in the world. So weird. I realize I'm gonna have to let go of my Philly driving edge - and learn to pay attention to pedestrians.

I am now officially done with classes. Despite my best efforts the take home I hoped to get done last week, didn't get done last week. So yesterday I spent time in the Santa Rosa library working hard on my final (and now I think I can fairly say that all public libraries in this country attract some creepy people - but I digress), and today I sent the test via Fedex. And now I'm done. Nothing else to do except walk across the stage to get my diploma. Feels good. To celebrate I had a deep tissue massage today. That is SUCH a good thing by the way! The massage therapist said I had A LOT of tension in my back and neck (surprise surprise) and that I should get a massage once a month. Might have to suck it up and do that - life can be so tough sometimes :)

Tonight I'm gonna have some lobster tail and tomorrow I'm doing a Wine Train tour. It's so cool to just RELAX with nothing hanging over my head.

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