Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome to Wharton's Class of 2008! Tomorrow is the first day of Wharton Welcome Weekend, and I look forward to meeting the incoming class. WWW is the only time that there are 3 classes of Wharton MBAs on campus at once. As this is my third WWW, it feels weird to see the circle complete.

Tonight I had my big debut at the Kimmel Center. Seriously! I participated in the Dance Studio spring performance. No, I didn't dance. But I sang, briefly. I was really nervous. Actually, I was scared to go out on stage. But despite the twinge of fear, the experience was incredibly exhilarating. It will probably go down as one of the high points of Wharton. Tomorrow night we have another performance. I'm looking forward to it.

Classes are continuing at a steady clip. Let me begin by saying that taking 4 classes is AWESOME. I love having a lighter work load. And I can actually take the time to learn and really think about my classes. I really enjoy all of my classes. Looking back on the electives I chose I think I did a good job of selecting a diverse bunch of classes. I feel like I was exposed to subject matter that I didn't even know existed. And the opportunity to learn stuff like that is wonderful.

But more on that later. I've got a paper due tomorrow, and I only slept 2 hours last night, so I need to catch up on some zzzzzzz.

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