Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My transformation is complete. Today, when I saw on CNN that Hank Paulson would be the new Treasury Secretary, I immediately said to myself, “Self, isn’t Hank Paulson the CEO of Goldman Sachs?” Now for most of you finance nerds, that’s not impressive. But I’m not a finance nerd. Two years ago I didn’t even know what an investment banker did let alone know who Hank Paulson is. So color me impressed with myself.

My life of leisure is FABULOUS. I’ve been surprisingly busy since graduation. I’ve been hanging out with classmates. Everyday someone sets off to start their world travels, so the Class of ‘06’s presence in Philly is quickly dwindling. Everyday I say goodbye to someone.

This Friday, I’ll stop by Wharton’s Spring Welcome to welcome the R3 admits. It’ll be interesting to meet people who are excited about Wharton. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Wharton. The last 6 months, in particular, have been pretty damn awesome. But there’s something about the incoming class that takes it to a whole nuther level. I went to a party last week and there were a bunch of new Lauder students there. The conversations I had with the new students were very different than those with my classmates. It’s not that we’re jaded – it’s just that after 2 years of superficial conversations about where people worked, want to work, will be working (bla bla), the conversations seem more genuine now. Not that we’re talking about anything particularly deep. Usually it’s nonsense. But it’s just more relaxed. The incoming class is still excited, and in getting-to-know-you mode. I’m in lazy-ass-who-gets-up-at-11-am mode. So I need to prepare myself for rapid fire conversations about Wharton, where I live in, what’d I do before, what I’m doing after (bla bla) so that the admits don’t think Wharton Grads are lazy asses (although I must say life as a lazy ass is pretty sweet).

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