Monday, July 31, 2006

Today is my moving day. At least it was supposed to be. Well it seems my mover forgot. I waited all day in a TVless apartment and no mover. No response to phone calls. Great.

So now I'm scrambling to arrange the move with another mover and extending my stay in Philly one extra day. Love it. Absolutely.

I guess this is kind of my fault. There have been signs that my previous mover was shady. 1) They operate under a name that is VERY similar to a popular NYC mover. In fact when they called me I thought they were the NYC mover. And since the NYC mover was Whartonite recommended, I went with them. Little did I know that I had accidentally booked shady mover. 2) Two weeks ago I wanted to change my inventory, but I couldn't get in touch with anyone at shady mover for several days. I tried to call the number on their website and it was disconnected. When I finally connected with the shady mover, they told me their phone lines were down. I should have known then. 3) Their quote was much lower than the other movers. That should have really tipped me off.

Needless to say DO NOT USE shady mover. They suck and are unprofessional. Popular NYC Mover on the other hand has bent over backwards to work with me and has been very professional. I've been very pleased. And even though they cost more, I think it'll be worth it. I guess you truly get what you pay for.

So the moving saga continues. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully the suckiness of moving across the country has reached its peak.

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