Monday, August 07, 2006

I made it to California! Woo hoo!!

My move hasn't been going well. I had to buy a new plane ticket for $330 because changing my original ticket would cost over $600. The guys who moved me were unsatisfied with the amount I tipped them AND they let me know. (Seems the internet is wrong - $40 per guy isn't enough - these guys were expecting $150 each. Mind you this is $75 per hour - which would mean they would make $150K per year on TIPS ALONE based on a 40 hour work week. That seems a bit excessive to me. But I digress.) I think complaining to the tipper about a tip that's not mandatory is just plain rude and tacky. And I still have to tip the delivery people. Hopefully my unintended tipping faux pas won't delay the delivery of my stuff.

I love my new apartment, although I hate not having a proper bed. Sleeping on an air mattress is NOT cool. I can't wait to get my stuff. I'm also car-less. I should get my car in a few weeks, but until then I'll be taking the BART and walking. So far the weather has been so awesome that I haven't minded. We'll see how I feel on Wednesday when the weather out near me is forecasted to reach the mid-90s.

On Wednesday, I'll be taking part in a Wharton Admissions event in San Francisco. It'll be great to meet prospective students, as well as connect with other alums in the area. So if you are in the bay area, try to make it out.

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